From the earth and the sea comes a bounty of wonderful ingredients that have shaped the region's culinary traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

Halkidiki is famous for its table olives, the high-quality olive oil, its fine breads and cheeses, as well as for its traditional sweets and pastries made with delicious local fruit of local production. The region is also well known for producing honey of the highest quality, while also being a location worth visiting due to its wine routes. This is the ideal place to enjoy the healthy recipes of the Mediterranean diet and savour dishes made from the purest and locally produced natural ingredients.

Whether is a cozy tavern or a gourmet restaurant, don't miss the opportunity to taste the fresh fish daily delivered from the local fisherman to your table, locally produced meat, fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in a natural way and of course, dishes flavored by herbs gathered from the surrounding hills.


(!) Special info:

The Guinness Book of World Records featured the tirokomio (cheese making factory) of Ierissos of Halkidiki, Greece where they made the largest caprine cheese (goat cheese) in the world. The representative of the Guinness World Records, Jack Brockbank gave the certificate to the owner Ioannis Stathoris during the 21st International Exhibition of Food and Drinks Detrop. The cheese under the name “carprine rock” weighed 939 Kilograms!!


  • Cooking for Charity

    Cooking for Charity

    Cooking for Charity (Gastronomy event) Jun - Jul - Sept | 3 weekends EKIES | Sithonia Cooking for Charity is an annual event that combines gastronomy and philanthropy. For 3 weekends during summertime, 3 famous guest chefs will prepare unique dishes for a limited number of guests at the award wining restaurant "Treehouse". Cooking for Charity is being done to Continue Reading...

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  • A culinary experience in Sithonia

    A culinary experience in Sithonia

    Visit a cottage farm in Kalives and see how a Halkidiki farmer’s household functions. Start the experience with an ice cold refreshing welcome drink while you listen to stories from the local area and get introduced to the family of the house. Get dressed with appropriate beekeeping suits to go and visit the beehives and explore the magic bee life! Continue Reading...

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  • Agios Prodromos village

    Agios Prodromos village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 49km-From Polygyros → 14km Agios Prodromos, it’s a small mountainous village on the road towards Arnea, Ouranoupolis, and Mt. Athos, close enough to Thessaloniki. It’s super popular about the local meat, especially for its "souvlaki" that is exclusively produced in the village. There are plenty of traditional tavernas where visitors can taste the best grilled meat Continue Reading...

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  • Visit an organic agricultural farm

    Visit an organic agricultural farm

    Here is your chance to visit a family business cultivating organic vineyards in Nea Gonia that produces the delicious appetizer "ntolmadakia" (a rice and herbs mixture wrapped in vine leaves).  ...

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  • Open Farmer Street Markets

    Open Farmer Street Markets

    One of the top experiences in Halkidiki -regarding local gastronomy- is a visit to an open farmer market! ...

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  • Women’s Associations

    Women’s Associations

    These have been founded in several villages of Halkidiki, especially the mountainous ones. The women of the villages became organised to promote their handmade products, preserving their tradition and transmitting their culture. When visiting such an association, the visitors have the chance to taste homemade pasta and pastries, marmalades and liqueurs made from local fruits. There are Associations in: “Dryades”, Continue Reading...

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  • Sani Gourmet Festival

    Sani Gourmet Festival

    One of the most prestigious and gourmet festivals in Europe is taking place every year in Halkidiki!...

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  • Local feasts

    Local feasts

    Almost every village in Halkidiki celebrate their natural bounty with feasts: in Nikiti for honey, in Nea Moudania for sardines, in Metaggitsi for olive oil, in Taxiarchis for mushrooms, in Porto Koufo for tuna, in Olympiada for mussels, Raki (tsipouro) in Vrastama....

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  • Fruits & Marmalades, Sweets

    Fruits & Marmalades, Sweets

    A great variety of fruits of excellent quality is cultivated all around Halkidiki, with no use of fertilizers....

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  • Fish & Shellfish

    Fish & Shellfish

    When it comes to seafood, Halkidiki is the place to be! The local fishermen take care of that, trawling the seas that they know like the back of their hand and selling their catch daily at one of the fishing villages in Halkidiki like Nea Skioni, Nea Moudania, Porto Koufo, Ammouliani etc....

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  • Bread & Pastries

    Bread & Pastries

    Both the traditional and modern bakeries of Halkidiki create unique bread products and pastries. The hard wheat, which is cultivated in great areas in Halkidiki and is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and rich acids, is used as the raw material. The traditional recipes pass from one generation to the next, giving delicious pastries. The high nutritional value of Continue Reading...

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  • Dairy products

    Dairy products

    Breeding sheep and goats is a very old tradition in Halkidiki dating back to ancient times. Thanks to the climate and soil conditions, the region's flora and the powerful tradition in cattle breeding, Halkidiki produces many dairy products -feta, organic goat cheese, myzithra, graviera and even butter- all with a rich, clean and pure taste....

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