About Halkidiki

About Halkidiki Tourism Organisation


Halkidiki Tourism Organisation (HTO) is a non-governmental and nonprofit organisation responsible for marketing the region of Halkidiki overseas as a holiday destination. Halkidiki Tourism Organisation was established in 2008 to increase tourism to the region of Halkidiki as a whole.

HTO in collaboration with its members such as Halkidiki Hotel Association, Halkidiki camping association, Federation of Holiday Rooms and Apartments in Halkidiki and Halkidiki Chamber is delivering targeted marketing programs and works in close cooperation with travel trade, online operators, media, carriers and Halkidiki industry partners.

Also, Visit Greece, the national tourism organisation and the tourist departments of the 5 municipalities of Halkidiki have helped in the development of this website and provided us with database records and product information.


HTO Head Offices Address
63100 Poligiros, Halkidiki, Greece
Telephone: +30 2371351425
Fax: +30 2371351403

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