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  • Nea Gonia village

    Nea Gonia village

    A small village populated at the beginning of the 20th century by refugees from Asia Minor, Nea Gonia offers more than a few ways to satisfy your senses– well, most of them!...

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  • Nea Triglia village

    Nea Triglia village

    The village of Nea Triglia was formed in 1922, having a bright historic background....

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  • Olynthos village

    Olynthos village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 70km-Polygyros → 16km Nea Olynthos lies next to the site of ancient Olynthos and it is the modern part of the Byzantine village of Myriofyto....

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  • Agios Mamas village

    Agios Mamas village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 66km-Polygyros → 22km Agios Mamas shows up while heading down towards Sithonia peninsula and approx. 2 km along the road you reach its famous prehistoric settlement....

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  • Nea Moudania village

    Nea Moudania village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 61km- From Polygyros → 27km Nea Moudania is a place of great historic interest; since so many ancient settlements from the Hellenistic period has been discovered there....

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  • Nea Flogita village

    Nea Flogita village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 55km-From Polygyros → 31km Nea Flogita village located in the municipality of Nea Propontida is a famous resort close to Thessaloniki that’s gets crowded in summer....

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  • Sozopoli village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 48km-Polygyros → 41km Heading to the southeast towards the coast, you will reach the village of Sozopoli; it lies beside the sea and alongside the ideal beaches, especially for families, there are bars, cafes, restaurants, fish-taverns, play-grounds, and sports facilities....

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  • Nea Kallikratia village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 41km-From Polygyros → 45km Nea Kallikratia is a small town located just before the peninsula of Kassandra and its name refers to the refugees from Kallikratia in Minor Asia who moved to the village in 1922....

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  • Agios Pavlos village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 37km-From Polygyros → 48km Agios Pavlos is the wine country of Central Halkidiki....

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