Become a beekeeper for one day!

Become a beekeeper for one day!

Why not trying something different? This experience is all about having fun, learning something new and enjoying the unspoiled landscape! Take your children, your family and friends and get acquainted with the amazing world of bees! Located in the enchanting forests of Mountain Holomontas in the centre of Halkidiki, the area constitutes the perfect escape destination for travellers who want to explore nature.


The beekeeping family welcomes and invites you to visit their place, up to the mountain, to be trained as a beekeeper, dressed in a beekeepers suit, to live and take part through all this special process of beekeeping and do what a beekeeper does, collecting directly from the hives and tasting our famous and awarded honey of Halkidiki.


Learn about the healing properties - benefits of raw honey and bees products,  the bees contribution to the environment and the importance of their survival, create beeswax candles or handmade beeswax creams (upon request), to take part in the interactive game they have organized for you, and is based on cell (beehives) function and role sharing teamwork that needs collaboration, between friends, families or adults!

The  presentation lasts about  3 hours. We must mention that the whole program, takes place in the traditional stonebuilted hotel property where there is a restaurant, a coffee and brunch bar, outside pool, and can be followed by people with disabilities.

 It is a different experience at any time of the year, in the wonderful green forest of Holomontas with the wild beeches, oaks, firs, wild herbs and healing plants , Protected Geographical Indication by Natura 2000

People who love to be in nature, would like to be in the area, to explore the perspective of the activities they can have there, and to have the opportunity and motivation to visit the unknown but very beautiful area of Halkidiki. The most important thing is to feel free in nature and spend some quality time with friends or family.

Make an appointment, jump in your car and enjoy the trip!

The mountainous Halkidiki has a gentle configuration that identifies as extremely suitable also for hiking and any kind of mountain activity, without requiring special skills. The road is constantly uphill, it has several turns and you have two reasons not to hurry. The amazing landscape with their alternation...forest colours but also the road itself, which does not allow you to develop speed. So you get easily in the mood of what we, the locals, daily being experienced.


For more information about the experience, please follow the link: Bee Day by Passion Honey |

Did you know?

Halkidiki is the motherland of beekeeping! It produces more than 40%
of the total production of high-quality honey in Greece!


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