Visit a winery at Ierissos

Visit a winery at Ierissos

Located in Halkidiki, Domaine Agrovision consists of 6,4 hectares of vineyards stretching from the North to the South of Xeropotamos area. With great love, patience and constant supervision, they try hard to produce wine of excellent quality, with the ultimate aim of pleasing not only the palate, but also the brain.

Its history began about twelve years ago, when the French-Greek owners of the property, fascinated by the uniqueness of the area’s landscape and lovers of wine, planted their first vineyards to create their own ‘petit Bordeaux’. A few years later, they began to build the winery with the aim of producing quality wines, which would reflect the region’s exceptional terroir.

The Domaine Agrovision’s vineyards are scattered in small lots, a few kilometers from the winery. All of the vineyards are planted on sloping, sandy soils, with excellent exposure and orientation. Throughout the day, the vines receive the favourable effect of the sea breeze, to fully reflect the region’s outstanding terroir in the wines.

The cultivation of the vineyards is based on the principles of integrated management, always respecting the rich diversity of the area, the people working in the vineyards, and, of course, our customers.

Our oldest vineyards, about ten years old, are planted with the noble French varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot.

Domaine Agrovision also applies in practice the principles of the circular economy by utilizing the residues after the fermentation of the wine (red wine) for the production of pizza and bread. More specifically, this company offers the wine lees to local businesses and many of these products reach dinner tables in the community. Until now, this waste ended up being thrown away and was not even recyclable.

Additionally, they create bicycle bases from by-products of the viticultural sector, extending the life cycle of these products as well. Agrovision has already offered some of these bicycle bases at the primary school of Ierissos. Furthermore, marcs (wine by-products) are also used by breeders as feed for sheep and goats. The support of the circular economy, the design of value-added products, the utilization of winemakers' waste, as well as the social innovation and creativity are the basic ideological principles of the company.

Visiting information:

Domaine Agrovision
Ierissos, GR-63075, Halkidiki
T.: +30 23770 23122

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