Visit an olive factory

Visit an olive factory

A taste experience you will never forget!

We know the path of taste, so let us take you on a journey.

The company exists since 2010 but the knowledge of olive processing has its roots anchored deep in the past. From 1938 until today we cultivate Halkidiki olive trees. By extension, we are 3rd generation olive growers and with effort, love and passion we make sure to make olives filled with the scents of tradition and childhood memories that take us on a journey with a glance and a taste. We are based in N. Olynthos, Halkidiki.

We have 13 products codes and we have innovated twice. Our goal and particular concern is to produce products of high nutritional value and taste by processing them ONLY in a natural and traditional way without chemical additives, with natural debbiteless and slow maturation. Thus ensuring all the nutritional and taste characteristics of our products.

The result of all this effort is a dream… you can taste it!


The program includes:

  1. Information on the History of the olive and the business
  2. Guided tour of the olive collection area
  3. Guided tour of the olive processing area
  4. Demonstration of emptying the barrels and washing the olives – Interaction
  5. Tour of the packaging area
  6. Demonstration of packing method – Interaction
  7. Tasting of our traditional olives

The business can be visited by appointment!

Visiting info:

Visits upon request.

Periapton Olive

Nea Olynthos, Halkidiki
Contact number: +30 6955718865

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