Foodie & Wine Itinerary in Halkidiki

Foodie & Wine Itinerary in Halkidiki

Halkidiki can be characterized as a small culinary paradise, where the abundance of agricultural and food products becomes the starting point for a culinary trip to be remembered.

The menu is rich: try the renowned unique Halkidiki green olives and the extra virgin olive oil, get carried away by the sweetness of the high in nutritional value Halkidiki honey, get carried away by the intoxicating aromas of Halkidiki wines and spirits, taste its aromatic fruit and vegetables, explore the tradition of the dairy products, dive in the huge variety of its fish and shellfish, enjoy the high-quality meat, and get a sweet taste of its traditional desserts. Ranging from small tavernas, ideal for their friendly and fun atmosphere, to gourmet restaurants, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know Halkidiki through its cuisine. Before getting there, however, take a stroll through the open-air farmer’s markets, where the local producers offer a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, honey, fresh yogurt, fish, and herbs, and invite you to a first acquaintance with the local produce and the local people habits.

Κτήμα Λειβαδιώτη στη Μαραθούσα

Estate Livadioti

This experience could not possibly be complete without a glass of wine. The green vineyards in Central Halkidiki, Sithonia, and eastern Halkidiki, at the outskirts or inside the Mount Athos peninsula, as well as the picturesque wineries of Domaine Porto Carras, Estate Livadioti, Domaine Agrovision and Akrathos Newland Winery with their award-winning wines, together with the long wine-making tradition of the monks in Athos, all promise to deliver intoxicating moments. Open a bottle, try the rich wine varieties, and drink to the health… of your holidays!

Ελαιώνες στη Χαλκιδική

Olive plantation in Halkidiki


If you are not… full yet, take a look around Halkidiki villages and experience their traditional feasts and festivals, where honey is the star in Nikiti and grilled sardines in Nea Moudania, olive oil is stealing the show in Metaggitsi, mushrooms bring Taxiarchis to another level, tuna fish becomes synonymous with Porto Koufo, mussels taste exquisite in Olympiada, and tsipouro is intoxicating Vrastama.

The ultimate culinary expreriences in Halkidiki!

Beyond tasting, however, you can experience the production of the region’s typical products, such as honey or vine leaves, yourself. Become a member of the beekeeping community and live as a beekeeper for the day on the slopes of Mount Holomontas, taking a deep breath in the fresh air and collecting the internationally award-winning honey of Halkidiki, collecting it directly from the beehives.

Collect vine leaves in Marianna’s estate in Nea Gonia and see the women of Halkidiki fixing up small culinary miracles at their agricultural associations, taking full advantage of the excellent raw materials, and offering pasta, fruit preserves, jams, and liquors made from regional fruit, keeping the tradition still alive.

Visit a traditional cheese factory in Ierissos and learn all about the production of Halkidikian cheeses. You will follow the entire process from receiving the fresh milk and coagulation of the curd to the creation of the cheese, followed by a presentation of the history of the cheese factory and after learning everything about the entire range of products that stands out for their quality and flavour, you will the opportunity to taste them all!

Visit an olive plantation in Halkidiki

Visit an olive plantation in Halkidiki


Immerse yourself in Greece's rich culinary heritage with a tour of an olive factory in Halkidiki, and discover the secrets behind the "liquid gold" of the Mediterranean.

And when all this journey comes to an end, keep the taste memories with you till next time which will definitely not be too long.

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