KOUZINA culinary Festival

KOUZINA culinary Festival

KOUZINA is a top culinary feast. It is held every year in Eastern Halkidiki from May 15 to June 15, including 32 main and appr. 200 parallel gastronomic-cultural activities. Feasts are also organized throughout the year, acting as a promo campaign for next event.

It is divided into 5 weekly culinary sections:

  • Ancient Greek cuisine – since the destination is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher Aristotle,
  • The Aegean Sea cuisine – because Eastern Halkidiki has 300 kilometers of coastline, 3 sea bays and about 100 sandy beaches,
  • The monastic cuisine - due to the proximity of the destination to Mount Athos (the only living religious monument in the world),
  • The cuisine of Asia Minor and Pontus – to honor the Greeks, who arrived at the region from Asia Minor and Pontus 100 years ago,
  • The Mediterranean cuisine, since Eastern Halkidiki is a Mediterranean holiday destination.

Dozens of visiting & local chefs create together, press representatives and travel agents from all over the world participate in guided tours all around the destination, before ending up at one of the KOUZINA dinners. Term and inviolable rule are to use only the local organic produce in a destination with 22 unique products and over 30 registered producers.

Hundreds of visitors: culinary and cultural travelers, wine lovers, pilgrims, summer tourists join KOUZINA's dinners and events in an annual basis.

Be one of them, book also a place! 

Be advised the detailed itinerary: http://en.mountathosarea.org/events/

Don’t miss it!

Come and join us for a celebration of food, culture, and tradition in Eastern Halkidiki!

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