• Pyrgadikia village

    Pyrgadikia village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 97km-From Polygyros → 36km Pyrgadikia is a small fishing village built on a hill overlooking the Mount Athos and Sithonia in Halkidiki. The village is built on an outcrop of rock and lies on the coast between Sithonia and Athos peninsula. It is surrounded by olive trees and low vegetation. It is built amphitheatrically and therefore, from every Continue Reading...

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  • Agios Nikolaos village

    Agios Nikolaos village

    Location: From Thessaloniki 107km- From Polygyros → 45km Agios Nikolaos is one of the oldest villages in Halkidiki and it is known for its great historical interest. The village was founded in the 14th century, as determined by the archaeological discoveries made in the Vertino hill. The village is situated idyllically in the middle of beautiful green surroundings thick with forests. Continue Reading...

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  • Ormos Panagias village

    Ormos Panagias village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 107km-From Polygyros → 45km Ormos Panagias is a coastal holiday destination mostly known for its sandy "Blue Flag" beach that locals call it the "Copacabana of Greece"  due to its length and its exotic landscape. There is a picturesque harbour in Ormos where Excursion boats start from here making trips to the eastern part of Sithonia and to Continue Reading...

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  • Vourvourou village

    Vourvourou village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 107km- From Polygyros → 45km A seaside tourist resort in eastern Sithonia, well known for its natural beauty and its nine small islands where the virgin nature and the secret charming beaches make it very special! Vourvourou is located 5km from Ormos Panagias and it's an intoxicating combination of green and blue. There are 3 great swiming spots Continue Reading...

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  • Sarti village

    Sarti village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 141km-From Polygyros → 79km Sarti is a place of incomparable beauty that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It includes all things needed for ideal holiday: wonderful beaches, night life, historical monuments and welcoming people. It is about a vast area of 3 km long which offers to its guests all the possible amenities for a comfortable and Continue Reading...

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  • Sykia village

    Sykia village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 152km-From Polygyros → 90km Sykia is one of the oldest and largest villages in Halkidiki; situated on the southeastern side of the peninsula and it is famous for its long beach and its history as well. The houses retain their traditional character in regard to the monastic architecture as it belonged to the Megisti Lavra Monastery. The Continue Reading...

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  • Porto Koufo village

    Porto Koufo village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 143km- From Polygyros → 81km There are huge rocks, rising above a bay, which looks like a lake, since the small opening to the sea is almost unvisible. When it comes to the coast, it is steep rocky one with amazing caves while there is a unique secret gem which can only be reached by boat. German Continue Reading...

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  • Toroni village

    Toroni village

    Location:From Thessaloniki → 138km- From Polygyros → 76km This seaside village has few facilities regarding accommodation options mostly studio & apartments and a few tavernas on the promenade. But don't miss the sunset, take a romantic walk along the beach before you head back. It is believed that Toroni, the rocky peninsula has been continuously inhabited since Neolithic times. This was one Continue Reading...

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  • Parthenonas village

    Parthenonas village

    Location: From Thessaloniki → 123km-From Polygyros → 59km Parthenonas is a village built on the slopes of Mt. Dragoudelis (Itamos), the main mountain of Sithonia in the altitude of 350 meters. Parthenonas has been abandoned by 1970 as locals moved into Neos Marmaras. Recently, the village has acquired a new lease of life as many old houses have been restored, preserving the Continue Reading...

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