Halkidiki is considered to be the “motherland” of honey, which is probably true since there are 6.500 honey makers who produce 1.910 tonnes of high honey annually.

Wherever you look in Halkidiki -in the north, Kassandra, Sithonia or east coast-
you will see colourful beehives dotting hills and forests.

2,400 years ago, Aristotle, praised honey and its nutritional value to a man supporting that it prolongs life. Today the area’s beekeepers exploit the rich fauna of Halkidiki, in the purest way by producing great quantities of quality honey of a high nutritional value.

Why not trying to become a beekeeper for a day? This experience is all about having fun, learning something new and enjoying the unspoiled landscape! Take your children, your family and friends and get acquainted with the amazing world of bees!

The climate is ideal for the local beekeepers to produce some the best honey in the world, rich in nutritional properties and in flavour. Thanks to the local producers who are well organised in cooperatives and respectful to the tradition, visitors have the chance to taste it at almost every hotel in Halkidiki.

It's also used by bakers and sweet-makers and can be found in several meet dishes or served with cheese.

Pine honey is the main variety produced in the region, but smaller quantities of blossom and chestnut honey can also be found.

Apiary related products:

  • Honey is an organic food-product produced by bees and is the sweetest gift of nature to human! It includes over 182 different healthy elements for our daily nutrition.
  • Pollen: Flower-dust collected by the bees from various flowers. It is the richest natural food protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes and other useful ingredients for our nutrition. A spoon of pollen every day covers our daily needs of many vitamins and proteins.
  • Beewax: The wax is a fatty substance produced by bees from kerogen glands located in the abdomen. It's mostly used to the preparation of traditional candles, in the cosmetics industry, in medicine and pharmaceutical formulations, in the industry of varnishes for the effective maintenance of several surfaces (furniture, floors, cars etc.)
  • Royal Jelly: This is one of the richest natural foods with ingredients that still remain unknown.Worker-bees are producing this jelly exclusively to feet specially selected larvae in order to create a new queen. The royal jelly is a rich source of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes and a broad spectrum of vitamins. It has positive effects to the metabolism. It is also a dietary supplement with various health benefits in child growing.
  • Propolis is a natural Antibiotic. It is a sticky substance, collected by bees from the tree buds and enriched with wax, pollen, enzymes and more.

Don’t miss it!

Try a bit of Mountovina, an alcoholic drink made from honey produced in the foothills of Holomontas mountain of Halkidiki. Arnea is a mountainous village popular for honey production and mountovina.

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