Open Farmer Street Markets

Open Farmer Street Markets

One of the top experiences in Halkidiki -regarding local gastronomy- is visit to an open farmers street markets!


You will love to know the municipal and produce markets where professional chefs and locals buy their quality products.

The markets usually operate from 07.00am until 14.30pm but we suggest that you get there early as farmers are closing as soon as they sell out their products:


Monday: Nea Triglia (West Coast), Nea Fokea (Kassandra), Ormylia (Sithonia)


Tuesday: Nea Kallikratia (West Coast), Kassandreia (Kassandra), Ierissos (East Coast)


Wednesday: Nea Moudania (West Coast), Arnea (Central Halkidiki), Galatista (Central Halkidiki), Megali Panagia (Central Halkidiki)


Thursday: Neos Marmaras (Sithonia), Agios Nikolaos (Sithonia), Lakkoma (West Coast)


Friday: Simantra (West Coast), Nikiti (Sithonia)


Saturday: Polygyros (Central Halkidiki), Paleochora (Central Halkidiki), Sykia (Sithonia)

Don’t miss it!

A unique opportunity to engage in a lively discussion about one product or another.

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