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3.000 year-old culture...

Halkidiki features in many Greek myths and was populated since 4.000 BC. The remains of the 5th century BC cities, the Museums with the collections of artifacts, the Byzantine monuments and the traditional villages, compose the long history of Halkidiki.

Learn more about the significant archaeological and UNESCO heritage sites, the important museums, the world famous Petralona Cave, the Byzantine towers and the beautiful traditional villages of Halkidiki.




  • Old town of Nikiti

    Old town of Nikiti

    The old village Nikiti is a charming traditional settlement just across the road from the new part. Here, walking on narrow paved small streets, you can admire the beautiful, restored, stone houses, with the internal courtyard, laid out by a stone tile and with wooden balconies with flowers. It is possible to walk to St. Nikita's stone church and then Continue Reading...

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  • Petralona Cave | Geological shapes

    Petralona Cave | Geological shapes

    Petralona Cave is the most important of Greece’s 12,000 caves, thanks to its wealth of fossils (one of the richest collections in Europe) ...

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  • Ancient Stagira

    Ancient Stagira

    The birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle* was a colony of Andros, founded in 655 B.C. The first name of the city was Orthagoria....

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  • Archaeological Museum  of Polygyros

    Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

    The Archaeological Museum of Polygyros is the most important archaeological Museum in Halkidiki located in "Heroon" square in the city centre....

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  • Ancient town Akanthos

    Ancient town Akanthos

    Akranthos was the colony of the city of Andros, which was built around 650 BC, one of the biggest and wealthiest colonies in Halkidiki...

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  • Ancient Olynthos

    Ancient Olynthos

    Walk through the ancient roads of Olynthos and admire the perfection of the architecture....

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  • Aristotle’s park

    Aristotle’s park

    The Aristotle's Park, a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located in a most beautiful area with a marvellous view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos....

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  • Ancient town Toroni

    Ancient town Toroni

    Migrants from Evia inhabited Toroni in the 8th century BC. The town joined the Athenian Alliance, until the Spartans conquered it....

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  • The Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon and Dionysus

    The Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon and Dionysus

    In the late 5th c. B.C. an altar was constructed, but later, during the second half of the 4th century,...

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