Fish & Shellfish

Fish & Shellfish

When it comes to seafood, Halkidiki is the place to be!

The local fishermen take care of that, trawling the seas that they know like the back of their hand and selling their catch daily at one of the fishing villages in Halkidiki like Nea Skioni, Nea Moudania, Porto Koufo, Ammouliani etc.

Fresh fish is served in various traditional taverns and gourmet restaurants around Halkidiki in marvellous dishes. Try the Halkidiki favourite, sundried and grilled octopus, mussels from Olympiada known for their size and immerse flavour or order the catch of the day as locals do!

One of Halkidiki’s most famed products since pre-Ottoman times that you can find is the amazing Olympiada mussels – rich in protein and omega-3, low in fat and three times richer in iron than calf liver that  stand out for their size and immense flavor.

Did you know?

Ammouliani island is the second largest fishing power in Nothern Greece, in proportion to its population, and it's famous for its delicious fresh fish and seafood arriving daily in the island’s restaurants and taverns.

Don’t miss it!

Try the local mussels, either steamed or deep fried!

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