Visit a traditional cheese factory in Ierissos

Visit a traditional cheese factory in Ierissos

Visiting a traditional cheese factory is a great way to do cultural tourism during your holidays in Halkidiki! This is your chance to learn all about the production of Halkidikian cheeses.

Livestock farmers have been breeding sheep and goats since ancient times in Halkidiki. Their milk is used for many dairy products – feta, organic goat cheese, agiotyri, graviera and even olive oil cheese with herbs such as origano, black and red pepper.

In Ierissos, there is a new exhibition space open to visitors who will be able to discover, purchase and taste all of the dairy products that the Stathori family produces since 1986!

Visitors will follow the entire process from receiving the fresh milk and coagulation of the curd to the creation of the cheese. This is followed by a presentation of the history of the cheese factory and after learning everything about the entire range of products that stands out for their quality and flavour, you will the opportunity to taste them all! Some of their well know local products are PETROTO goat cheese, ARISTOTELION that is made with goat's milk and the yellow sheep and goat cheeses such as RIGANATI graviera, AGIOTYRI etc.

Last but not least, the tasting will be combined with the accompaniment of fresh craft beer from the first microbrewery of Halkidiki, SEVEN SEALS or with monastic wines from Mount Athos.

History of Stathori's dairy company:

The company was set up in 1986 as a livestock unit together with a small traditional cheese factory following the graduation of the owner Ioannis Stathoris from the Dairy College of Ioannina.

In 2005, the traditional factory was converted into a state-of-the-art plant for the production and trade of cheese produce. However, tradition remained the guiding principle of the new production processes where strict hygiene standards as set down in national and European legislation were stringently maintained.

The milk is collected from flocks raised on the pastures of Northern Halkidiki, far from industrial facilities and bordering on Mount Athos. Indeed, for a number of years now we have been supplying the monasteries of Mount Athos with our own pure produce, placing our trust in the wise judgment of the monks so that we may improve on our fare by keeping to tradition. Our products, lovingly made, are produced from fresh milk only without any additives, remaining faithful to traditional recipes and using modern means but at the same time keeping the taste and quality we all expect at our table.

Visiting information:

Visit are possible upon request: Τ. +30 6942662360 | EMAIL:

Guided Tours are available from Monday to Sunday: 10:45-14:00

Maximum number of people 15.


Did you know?

The Stathori company holds the Guiness World Record for producing the largest caprine cheese (goat cheese) weighed 939 kg (2,070 lb) in 2010!


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