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3.000 year-old culture...

Halkidiki features in many Greek myths and was populated since 4.000 BC. The remains of the 5th century BC cities, the Museums with the collections of artifacts, the Byzantine monuments and the traditional villages, compose the long history of Halkidiki.

Learn more about the significant archaeological and UNESCO heritage sites, the important museums, the world famous Petralona Cave, the Byzantine towers and the beautiful traditional villages of Halkidiki.




  • Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment

    Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment

    The Museum has an educational and research role, also doing much to promote the local identity and keep alive its links with its history....

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  • Folklore Museum of Athitos (or Afitos)

    Folklore Museum of Athitos (or Afitos)

    The Athitos Museum is housed in a traditional listed building dating to 1889 in the central square of the village, which was donated by the Aletras family....

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  • Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti

    Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti

    The Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti recently opened its doors to the audience....

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  • Historical-Folklore museum of Arnea

    Historical-Folklore museum of Arnea

    The Museum is housed in the building known as the Yiatradiko, one of the oldest listed buildings in Halkidiki (1750-1755)....

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  • Folklore Parthenon Museum

    Folklore Parthenon Museum

    In the very heart of the traditional settlement of Parthenon, the museum is housed in a beautiful stone building built in 1908 that was used to be the old elementary school of Parthenon....

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  • Church of Saint Stephen (Aghios Stefanos)

    Church of Saint Stephen (Aghios Stefanos

    Saint Stephen's church, according to an inscription marble plate embedded on the wall of its facade, was built in 1812 and honours the memory of St. Stephen....

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  • Traditional villages

    Traditional villages

    The vernacular architecture of Halkidiki is a local version of the familiar Macedonian style....

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  • Byzantine Tower in Nea Fokea (St. Paul)

    Byzantine Tower in Nea Fokea (St. Paul)

    In the village of Nea Fokea stands what is perhaps the best preserved of all the towers in Halkidiki. ...

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  • Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    Stavronikita Tower (Sani)

    The Tower of Stavronikitas, also known as Tower of Sani dates from 1543 and was built to protect the “metochi” (dependency) of the Stavronikita Monastery....

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