Visit an organic agricultural farm

Visit an organic agricultural farm

Here is your chance to visit a family business cultivating organic vineyards in Nea Gonia that produces the delicious appetizer "ntolmadakia" (a rice and herbs mixture wrapped in vine leaves).  

You can visit the laboratory and be treated a cup of coffee or tsipouro (greek spirit). You will also be introduced to the facilities and get to know how the famous Marianna's Vine leaves are being made. Additionally, you will have the chance to taste other traditional products that they produce like Marianna's Grapeleaves, Marianna's Ntolmadakia, Marianna's Pies (or Pites).

There is also, a shop where you can find and buy all their organic products.

More information can be found here:

The "Marianna's Dolmadakia" is awarded the Two Stars Great Taste Award.

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