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Boat tour from Ormos Panagias to Ammouliani

First-Stop at a small Island

Ormos Panagias is located in Sithonia on the eastern side. Our cruise to the islets of Drenia and Ammouliani departs with the boat sailing on the shores of Sithonia in the direction of Ammouliani, where it leads to the magical – exotic destination of a group...

Tsantali Metohi Chromitsa Winery in Mount Athos

The Tsantali Metohi Chromitsa winery preserves the Athonite winemaking legacy and turns it into a collection of fine wines. The wines from the Athonite region carry the appellation of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Mount Athos. The delimited area of the zone is located within the administrative boundaries of Athos peninsula, as well as the area of Ouranoupolis in...

Mylopotamos winery at Mount Athos

For more than a thousand years, since the time of Saint Athanasiou, the grapes of the Mylopotamos vineyards have produced multiply-blessed communion wine, as much blessed in its use in Holy Communion as in its ability to warm the soul. In this miraculous and saintly place, many varieties thrive, albeit due to the hard labour of...

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