The top 5 fun and interesting things to do with your kids in Halkidiki

The top 5 fun and interesting things to do with your kids in Halkidiki

1. How can you let Aristotle’s Park pass by, with its enchanting vista over the gulf of Ierissos and Mount Athos?
A unique theme park, dedicated to the world-renowned Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle set to represent the fascinating world of natural phenomena, through interesting instruments and tools that practically implement the Aristotelian laws of physics. From optical discs and compasses, through prisms and pendulums, the instruments found in the park impress children and refresh the adults’ knowledge.


Stalagmites and stalactites inside Petralona Cave

Stalagmites and stalactites inside Petralona Cave

2. Discover the Petralona Cave!

Stalagmites and stalactites inside Petralona Cave. In another location in Halkidiki, physics gives way to nature, which proves to be the most unpredictable designer and the most imaginative architect. We are referring to the Petralona cave, formed around 1 million years ago, located close to the village of Petralona. One of the most impressive caves in Europe, with one of the richest collections of fossils worldwide, lures the visitor into an enchantingly labyrinthine complex of stalactites and stalagmites that will take your breath away, becoming the ultimate family destination. Beyond the incredible beauty of the cave, the discovery of a complete skull of an erect hominid (Archanthropus of Petralona), the earliest European, gives the Petralona cave a unique prehistoric atmosphere that will excite everyone.


Inside the Museum of Fishing Vessels & Equipment


3. Museum-Fishing-Vessels-Equipment.

Deeply rooted in time, the fishing tradition of Halkidiki, touches the very ‘soul’ of the region, which is no other than the sea. There is nothing best than getting to know it, through the Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment in Nea Moudania, which highlights the local identity, bringing fishing centre-stage, and keeping the ties with the history of the place alive. Ancient anchors, vessels, nets, fishing rods, compasses, and lighthouses, all invite parents and children altogether to an interesting educational journey on the foam of the sea.


4.  Become a beekeeper for a day!

Halkidiki also invites families into yet another exciting world, the world of bees, beekeeping, and honey. As far as the eyes could see, there is the colorful patchwork of bees and hives on top of the rolling hills and hidden inside the green forests, that highlights Halkidiki honey and the bees that produce it, making it an extremely interesting reference point for the region, definitely worth exploring. Besides, it is no accident that Halkidiki is considered as the ‘motherland’ of honey, since it is the region that hosts over 6,500 beekeepers, having an annual honey production of over 1,910 tons!


5. Visit and organic argi-cultural farm

Agro-farm at Nea Gonia

Agro-farm at Nea Gonia

And among all these tours, one stop at the agricultural and food unit “Marianna’s vine leaves”, located at Nea Gonia, is definitely a necessity. The family business focused on using vine leaves to prepare dolmadakia, the famous traditional dish made with rice and herbs, can offer a unique chance to come in close contact with nature and experience the rich land of Halkidiki and its vine cultivation, and of course to have a tasting.

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