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Zografou Tower

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The Zografou tower, in the homonymous settlement near Nea Moudania, was part of the metropolitan complex Bulgarian monastery of Zografou at Mount Athos. The metochi’s first name was ‘Epano Volvos’ like the area’s name of the settlement. Later on, the metochi was renamed into ‘Zografou’ due to its related monastery. The...

Madem Aga Tower

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The stone tower of Madem Aga, at an altitude of 530 meters,  is formerly part of a Byzantine and Ottoman fortified settlement, which is called the ‘Medieval fortress complex of Sidirokafsia’.

The toponym Sidirokafsia was mentioned for the first time in the 9th century. Sidirokafsia existed during the Byzantine period...

Become a beekeeper for one day!

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We not trying something different? This activity is all about having fun, learning something new and enjoying the unspoiled landscape! Take your childern, your family and friends and get acquainted with the amazing world of bees! Located in the enchanting forests of Mountain Holomontas in the centre of Halkidiki, the area...

Accredited COVID-19 test laboratories

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Below you will find a list of accredited microbiological laboratories that perform COVID tests in Halkidiki:

Area Location/village Name Phone Mobile
Central Halkidiki Poligiros Dimitra Chalagianni +30 2371021393 +30 6945806928
Central Halkidiki Poligiros Vasilios Pilatis +30 2371400900 +30 6970803213
West Coast Nea Kallikratia Anna Zahariadou +30 2399 023989 +30 6974831263
West Coast Nea Kallikratia Dorothea Manikatzi +30 2399021721
West Coast Nea Moudania Anna Theoharopoulou +30 2373022242
West Coast Nea Moudania Vasilios Papageorgiou +30 2373021622 +30 6947996905
West Coast Nea Moudania Anna Dervidou +30 2373026534 +30 6973827039
Kassandra Kassandreia Mania Smyrli-Mylona +30 2374025220 +30 6985071872
Kassandra Pefkohori Mania...

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