Boat tour from Ormos Panagias to Ammouliani

Boat tour from Ormos Panagias to Ammouliani

This is an all-day swimming and fun cruise! Remarkable places that only a few visitors have access, combined with green forests, sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue seas...


The cruise for swimming and fun to the islets of Drenia and then for a visit to the island of Ammouliani departs at 9:30 in the morning with the “Saint George” and “Prophet Elias” boats. Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from the 15th of April until the 15th of October.

The cruise begins from Ormos Panagias which is located in Sithonia on the eastern side.

The day cruise to the islets of Drenia and Ammouliani departs with the boat sailing on the shores of Sithonia in the direction of Ammouliani, where it leads to the magical – exotic destination of a group of small islands, where the waters are crystal clear – deep blue.

There is a 2 hour stop there for swimming and lunch.

Then, there is a stop at the port of the island of Ammouliani. The visitors have the opportunity to take a stroll, see the local attractions (the Mount Athos style Church, the Folklore Museum) or grab a bite.

The cruise ends with another stop at Lagonissi bay at the group of islands of Vourvourou, where the boat stops, giving the visitors the opportunity to jump in the blue waters from the boat.


During the whole trip back to Ormos Panagias there is music, singing, live bouzouki for fun and relaxation.


The time of arrival at Ormos Panagias is approximately 17:15

Don’t miss it!

Get your mask and snorkel at the crystal clear watres!


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