Drenia (Donkey islands)

Drenia (Donkey islands)

Drenia is a complex of little islets located opposite Ouranoupolis, about 2 miles away from the mainland and east of Ammouliani island.

Drenia is the largest islet and Tigani, Pontiki, Feti, Penna and Artemis are the smaller ones.

One will find only one organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, refreshment stand etc. You can reach them by boat from Ouranoupolis (daily), rent a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore every islet and its beaches one by one.

Any visit to Mount Athos area is not complete without touring the complex of islets, known collectively as the Drenia islands. All around it, there is a collection of uninhabited rocks basking in the midday sun, a haven of hidden inlets and golden beaches. It is considered to be one of the most virgin and untouched places in Halkidiki.

Keep in mind that the locals refer to Drenia as "Gaidouronisia" or "Donkey islands" as legends have it that it was where the earlier inhabitants of the island used to bring their donkeys to rest in peace.

Worth it to see:

  • The amazing underwater marine world by scuba diving or snorkel!
  • Lie in the sun, sip on a cool drink and indulge at the most remote and exotic beach bar in Halkidiki
  • Swim from one islet to another!

Don’t miss it!

The chance for a sunset sailing at Ammouliani island!


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