Old town of Nikiti

Old town of Nikiti

If you are looking for something off the beaten track, then this is the place for you!

And if it is peace and quiet you’re after, take to the hills for a visit to the Old town of Nikiti, a lovely traditional village that retains an air of romantic nostalgia by being quaint without being too schmaltzy, featuring stone Macedonian houses with blossom-filled balconies and courtyards.


The old village Nikiti is a charming traditional settlement just across the road from the new part. Here, walking on narrow paved small streets, you can admire the beautiful, restored, stone houses, with the internal courtyard, laid out by a stone tile and with wooden balconies with flowers. It is possible to walk to St. Nikita's stone church and then to go down on the area with the big maple and to sit in a tavern, enjoying traditional cuisine.

It seems that Nikiti old village begun its existence as a monastic estate in late medieval times under the Byzantine rule. According to an oral tradition, the old village of Nikiti was established from refugees of the coastal settlements in Elia, Castri and Agios Georgios who were forced to move inland in order to avoid pirate raids. Nikiti survived the fall of the Byzantine Empire and during the Ottoman rule, it was one of the largest villages in Halkidiki.


After the liberation from the Turks, in 1912, Nikiti continued to develop and gradually new houses were built closer to the sea. Many old houses were abandoned and the old village declined. However, the touristic boom of the late 20th century revitalized the interest for the historic settlement of Nikiti. Many foreign visitors, especially Germans and other north-Europeans were fascinated by the beauty and the authenticity of the place and started buying and renovating old houses.

Worth it to see:

  • The dominant building where the church of Agios Nikitas (dated from 1870) is located, standing at the top of a hill.
  • Just below it, there is the old elementary school, a building of the same age. The school has now been renovated and it houses the Historical & Folklore Museum of Nikiti.
  • Most buildings are aged from the mid-19th century to the thirties in the 20th century. The older building is the cemetery church dated from the 16th century.  Additionally, there are many other houses that represent typical samples of the northern Greek architecture of the late 19th century. Most of them are now in perfect condition having been recently renovated.

Don’t miss it!

A walk in the narrow roads of Nikiti old village is a travel in the past,
an absolute “must” for every visitor!


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