Taxiarchis forest

Taxiarchis forest

The University Forest of Taxiarchis -a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest - is found in the centre of Halkidiki

and concretely in the Southern and South-western slopes of Holomontas.

Taxiarchis forest is home to amazing flora and fauna. The most common trees found in this forest are broad-leaved trees, such as oaks at lower altitudes and beeches higher up, and different varieties of pine, alongside a bounty of Erica bushes that feed the region's honey bee populace. Reaching 811m at its highest peak, the woodland is home in its remoter parts to wolves, foxes, wild pigs and predatory birds – it is a magnet for bird-watchers – and has a museum where visitors can learn all about the local plants and animals.

The unique agriculture found on the Mountain of Holomontas, which can survive at these winter conditions -low temperature, is the agriculture of Christmas trees, which are planted by seed in its fields (trees are not cut from the forest).

After 15 years of growth, the trees are sold, during the Christmas period. There is even a modern unit of treatment of herbs and therapeutic plants, such as tea are collected, drained and sold.


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