Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

The mountain range of Itamos (or Dragoudeli) is the biggest one in Sithonia.

In the central forest zone, close to the mountaintop, there are some rare old Itamos trees, a unique flora variety - the mountain was named after them. You can reach the top by car, via the hamlet of Parthenon village.

The forest offers special trails ideal for walking and cycling. From the top one has a magnificent view over Sithonia, Kassandra and Mt Athos. The mountain is covered with a great variety of coniferous trees. It is a protected area with significant flora and fauna. Typical mammal species that live in the mountain are wolves, foxes, rabbits and wild pigs. The locals speculate that there are also deers in the region (Highest peak: 811 m).

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