Mountain Holomontas

Mountain Holomontas

The central and northern parts of Halkidiki are dominated by the mountain range of Mountain Holomontas, an area of incredible beauty with breathtaking views in all directions.

The fascinating forests of Mount Holomontas are the perfect escape destination for adventure-loving travellers who want to explore nature.

This is an area of great beauty, ideal for walks along woodlands paths and lush green forests.

Imposing trees grow high up on its slopes, with oaks on the lower reaches, and chestnut, pine, fir and beech higher up. Every so often the trees make way for a clearing, blossoming later on with wild flowers. Mushrooms are found here, growing alongside wild herbs, mountain tea and oregano. There are also many species of wild animals and birds. (Highest peak: 1165 m).

Interesting fact:

  • In ancient times, Holomontas was known for the quality of its timber, much prized by shipbuilders.
  • This is also the site of the University Forest of Taxiarchis, a 5,800-hectare state-owned forest managed by the Forestry Commission in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, home to amazing flora and fauna.

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