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Weaving Museum of Arnea

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There is no better way of learning about the art of weaving and the local tradition than visiting this museum which is housed in a recently restored and specially configured building that belonged to a famous local weaver called Charikleia Dimitrakoudi. Visit the museum to learn about the secrets of Arnean...

Arnea village

Arnea is a small mountainous village in the Holomontas foothills renowned for its typical Macedonian architecture, as seen in several well-preserved stone buildings.

Megali Panagia village

Megali Panagia is a mountainous village nearby Arnea, that used to be called as Revenikia. It's one of the oldest villages in Halkidiki.

Vrastama village

Vrastama is a scenic mountain village of Mt. Holomontas, in the eastern side of Polygyros which is one of the oldest in Halkidiki.

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