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Geroplatanos village

The name Geroplatanos literally means "old plane tree" in the Greek language. The plane tree is very impressive due to its size but also, its age which is estimated to be 800 year's old!

Marathoussa village

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Distance from the airport → 58km


Marathoussa is in the northern part of the Municipality of Polygyros. The main occupations of the few residents are agriculture and livestock farming.


Once there, you will find the church of Saint George, which has a three-aisled architecture and was built in...

Krimni village

Krimni is one of those picturesque villages of Central Halkidiki that are off the beaten track but is definitely worth exploring!

Galatista village

Galatista is a small town in the mountainous area that definitely deserves to be visited any time of year. The town has great historical interest since it has several churches and mansions.

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