Bread & Pastries

Bread & Pastries

Both the traditional and modern bakeries of Halkidiki create unique bread products and pastries.

The hard wheat, which is cultivated in great areas in Halkidiki and is rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and rich acids, is used as the raw material. The traditional recipes pass from one generation to the next, giving delicious pastries. The high nutritional value of the raw materials and the respect to tradition make the local pastries popular to all visitors.

All over the region, one can see the traditional windmills, which were developed for milling grain for food production. There are remains of windmills and watermills in Kassandria, Ormylia, Sykia (since 1840), Metaghitsi, Galatista.

Interesting fact:

At Ammouliani island, Halkidiki's secret little paradise with a population of 500 people, the crafts and recipes of the past are practiced by members of the Cultural Women Association of Ammouliani and passed on to the next generation. The ladies of the island are expert bakers of amigdalota; a traditional almond pastry formed into flower shapes, baked and served at weddings, christenings and name days.

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Taste one of the delicious traditional pastries called "amigdalota" cookies
made in Ammouliani island.

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