Annual Crossing of Dragoudeli (Mt. Itamos)

Annual Crossing of Dragoudeli (Mt. Itamos)

One of the most popular autumn events is taking place each year in October,
the Annual Crossing of Dragoudeli (Mt. Itamos)!

Dragoudelis Crossing, a one-day festival celebrating nature on Mount Itamos (a protected Natura 2000 site, also known as Dragoudelis). The event will send walkers and riders out on their choice of seven hiking routesone bicycle route and one route for horses, all of which terminate at the village of Parthenonas, where participants will be given refreshments in the square. There will be a celebration with traditional dancing groups of the village.

Mountain Itamos (or Dragoudeli) which the highest peak is 811m, covers all the peninsula of Sithonia and it really is magical whenever you decide to you visit it.

Dressed in white in winter, it gives its place in the scent of the flowers of spring and the coolness of summer later and then captures you inside the thousand colors of autumn.

The wooded hills with woods from halepio and black pines as well as oak trees and pine cone trees, bushy acres of arbutus, heath, oregano, myrtle and osier etc. compose a unique landscape full of colors and scents that is definately worth exploring.

Worth it to see:

  • Itamos, a tree aged 2000 years old, characterized today as a preserved monument of Nature, gave its pre-Hellenic name, in the mountainous part of Sithonia. A tree that belongs to the family of conifers and is the oldest representative of its family in Greece and in the rest of Europe.
  • The massive granite rocks at the top of the mountain that is hard to explain where they came from!

Don’t miss it!

Enjoy magnificent views of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos from the summit of Mount Itamos!

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