Sozopoli village

Sozopoli village

Distance from the airport → 37,7km


Heading to the southeast towards the coast, you will reach the village of Sozopoli; it lies beside the sea and alongside the ideal beaches, especially for families, there are bars, cafes, restaurants, fish-taverns, playgrounds, and sports facilities.


Moreover, it is a popular destination for the celebration of the May Day event.

The inhabitants of Sozopoli "come mainly from Sozopol (Bulgaria) -of the former Eastern Rumelia- and other ancient Hellenistic centers of Western Black Sea, as Anchialos and Pyrgos. Town Sozopoli in the Black Sea was the transformation of Apollonia, the flourishing colony of the ancient Ionian Miletus (7th century BC) and one of the historic ancient metropolis of Hellenism on the coast of Northern Thrace". The main occupations of the inhabitants are agriculture, fisheries, businesses and tourism.

As part of the celebration of the holy feast of the “Transfiguration” various events with traditional dances and food are organized in Sozopoli every year. The best known is the "Day of Christ the Savior" on August 6th.  It covers an area of eight (8) acres and hosts rich flora and fauna.

Worth it to see:

  • The Byzantine fortification and the ancient town called the “Toumba of Veria”; excavations have brought to light important parts of a wall from stone masonry and other ancient public buildings.
  • In Sozopoli village lays a unique Grove of Oaks ("Pournarodasos") which is the only one of Nea Propontida municipality.

Don’t miss it!

Climb to the top of the hill and gazing the view of the vast beaches
between Veria and Nea Kallikratia.


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