Nea Moudania village

Nea Moudania village

Distance from the airport → 51,2km


Nea Moudania is the commercial, economic, cultural, educational, and not only centre of Halkidiki and
the largest city of the prefecture with about 10,000 residents.


Nea Moudania was created in 1922 by refugees from Moudanya in Marmara (“Kianou” bay as they used to call it) in Asia Minor. They settled in the region of “Kargi-limani”- as the area was called - which was very similar to that of their unforgettable homeland, while the Byzantine name of the area was “Limenas Liontaria”.


Today, at the waterfront of Nea Moudania visitors can enjoy coffee in modern cafes, drink ouzo accompanied by delicious dishes in taverns, overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf and Mount Olympus, living their dreams.

The hotel infrastructure, the rich cultural programme hosted throughout the summer - including the famous “Festival of the Sea” - the very interesting folklore museum and of course the museum of fishing vessels and gear, featuring the history of the place, are summer holiday incentives that promise the ultimate rest, relaxation and fun.

Nea Moudania is a place of great historic interest; since so many ancient settlements from the Hellenistic period has been discovered there.


The old pier “Kargi Limani” is claimed to be a part of the tradition which served the area in old days. Nea Moudania, now, is one of the most powerful communities of southern Halkidiki which is always busting as it attracts many visitors.

Worth it to see:

  • The highest point of the town, called “the hillock of Panagia Koryfini” where an attractive basilica church stands out.
  • The “Zografou” Tower, the Byzantine tower and some outstanding structures which belongs to the “metochi” as well as its fountain starring there since 1853.
  • The remarkable the Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment which is unique in Greece and the Folklore museum, too.
  • The huge Open-air Theatre that hosts a variety of great theatre productions and high-class concerts, just next to the waterside, as a part of the "Sea Festival".
  • The Yachting Club of Nea Moudania, which is known for its international distinctions for sailing courses and the international fishing competitions that it hosts. As Nea Moudania boosts one of the largest fishing-wharves in Greece, visitors can enjoy going fishing in town.

Don’t miss it!

Catching an amazing sunset of Mount Olympus
where the view is astonishing while enjoying delicious drinks.


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