Nea Triglia village

Nea Triglia village

Distance from the airport → 48,4km


The village of Nea Triglia was formed in 1922, having a bright historic background.

It is a typical, scenic village of Halkidiki, in the municipality of Nea Propontidea which provides visitors with the basic facilities while its beach is a “Blue Flag” awarded one, with crystal clear and shallow water, you absolutely need to visit it. Nowadays, the beach surrounding this building hosts hundreds of swimmers every summer.

Moreover, the area is known for the plenty prehistoric findings (mostly prehistoric animals’ and elephants’ bones on the laying of the red potter’s clay).

Worth it to see:

  • The Petralona Cave is popular and outstanding; not only because of the size or the wealth of its stalactites, stalagmites and its very intricate corridors and halls but mainly because of the human and other fossils -that are dated back to the Pleistocene Age -while representing the secrets of human life and prehistory. Petralona Cave was that one which formed the home for the first Europeans about 700.000 years ago.
  • The old building called “Magazara” located at the beach of Nea Triglia. That was a byzantine shipyard in the ownership of the Great Monastery of Vatopedion.
  • The Folklore Museum of the village hosts an extraordinary exhibition with various exhibits (everyday life objects, clothes, relics etc) brought by the refugees from their homelands. The museum hosts also prehistoric animals’ bones.
  • The events that are taking place on 26th July, during the Holy Feast of St. Paraskevi.

Don’t miss it!

No one leaves from Nea Triglia, without first tasting its famous and delicious souvlaki.


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