Nea Flogita village

Nea Flogita village

Distance from the airport → 46km


In the coastal refugee village of Nea Flogita, built amphitheatrically overlooking the sea of the Thermaikos Gulf, past and present coexist. The village was built by refugees who came from Cappadocia and its current approx. 1,800 inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, while in recent years tourism plays an important role in increasing their income.


One can enjoy swimming and water sports in the crystal clear seawater. Additionally, one can find plenty of cafes, bars and taverns with local delicacies. In the various night clubs one can enjoy night-life until dawn.

Worth it to see:

A very interesting sightseeing for a visitor of Nea Flogita could be the byzantine buildings of the Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimon at the area of the “Russian Metohi”. There one can have a close look at the renovations being conducted by the 10th Revenue office of Byzantine Antiquities.  The facility is being prepared to be the Christian Culture Centre of Halkidiki under the title Ioustinianos.

Don’t miss it!

If you would like to feel the vibes of a summer party, between Nea Plagia and Nea Flogita, there are a lot of clubs and beach bars with live music bands performing. Join and enjoy it!


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