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Folklore Parthenon Museum

In the very heart of the traditional settlement of Parthenon, the museum is housed in a beautiful stone building built in 1908 that was used to be the old elementary school of Parthenon. Visitors will get acquainted with the tradition and the history of this lovely community through a series of photographs -dating back to...

The Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon and Dionysus

In the late 5th c. B.C. an altar was constructed, but later, during the second half of the 4th century, a peripteros temple of Doric order with stone entablature (superstructure) was built next to the altar. In the late 3rd or early 2nd century it was replaced with another one made of marble, while the...

Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti recently opened its doors to the audience. Located in the Old (Palia) Town of Nikiti, housed in an old school that was built in 1870 and is a historical preservative monument– offers interesting insights into the area’s past. The folklore collection of the museum includes approximately 1500 objects, donated during...

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