Lighthouse of Possidi

Lighthouse of Possidi

At one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra, Aegeopelagitika beach at Possidi, you will find a charming old whitewashed lighthouse. This colonial-styled lighthouse built by the French Company of Lighthouses in 1864 is still in use today and has a small flowery garden beside it, adding to its beauty.


Lighthouses had always an atmosphere of mystery around them. Maybe because they were showing that this was the end of the sea or maybe because they were located in high spots and during sunset they look exactly like the towers of the fairy tales!


Once a year, visitors have a unique opportunity to have a tour inside the historic monument as it opens its doors to the public celebrating the International Lighthouse Day.

Do not miss it!

You need to watch the sun goes down behind Mount Olympus! It's an amazing experience!


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