Shopping & hand-made products

Shopping & hand-made products

When tradition meets talented local artisans in Halkidiki!

Weavings: Women weavers of Halkidiki create all traditional weavings using the ancient wooden loom.

These folkloric handmade works of art are elaborated with care and sensibility and meet the finest specifications of durability, the stability of form and indelible colours. The quality, variety and colours of the designs make the local weavings unique while substantially contributing to the preservation of tradition and economy in the Prefecture. The beautiful, warm atmosphere formed by their presence represents the warm-hearted and friendly mood of the region’s residents. Production areas: Arnea.

Painting in wood: Halkidiki has many intense colour changes: the green environment, the beautiful blue of the sea and the light blue sky are the source of inspiration for all the painters who live and work in this blessed place. The work of the painters represents images from everyday life and very often images from the Garden of the Virgin Mary, the stunning Mount Athos. The intense traditional elements of these works of art aim to depict the efforts for a creative life and inspire a love for nature.

Wooden products: The forest of the Prefecture of Halkidiki, apart from being an important source of life for the residents and visitors, consists of a raw material which is ideal for the wood manufacturing plants. Oak, beech, chestnut, evergreen and pine compose the image of the region’s forests. This wood is processed in wood manufacturing facilities. Their products (wooden constructions, furniture, cavities, floor, roofs, pavilions, constructing wood, wood for boats) stand out for their high quality, durability and originality. The combustible material is still manufactured in the traditional way of a kiln and thus many locals and foreigners enjoy watching the process with particular interest.

Pottery: The original creativity and artistic completeness of Halkidiki’s pottery is incomparable. The vessels manufactured here are one of a kind, standing out for their elegance and featuring a great variety of decorations including flowers, fish, shells, geometric shapes, mythological representations, etc. Their colouring is vivid, exceptionally resistant and sometimes covered by enamel. Their line is clean and polished. The variety of shapes and their quality is remarkable. The local artists usually use the traditional method of the wheel or the forming block rather than working at organised establishments.

Candles: Beekeepers are an important part of Halkidiki's economy. Not only do they offer their delicious honey, but they also sell the bee wax for candle making. The local candle makers manufacture natural aromatic candles in traditional ways. You can find them mainly in Vrastama.

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