Religious festivals and events

Religious festivals and events

Most popular festivals in Greece have religious origins, in this case, in Orthodox Christianity. Below, you will find the most important ones in Halkidiki:

6th of January (“Theofania” - Epiphany)
A splendid event, which is celebrated in every coastal settlement. People use to submerge the Holy Cross and jump to the sea to find it

The celebration of Agios Theodoros (1st Saturday of Lent)
A traditional feast is held in Agios Nikolaos, which is found in the bay of Panagia.

25th of March
The Evangelism of Virgin Mary (Lady Day) is the national celebration of freedom and is celebrated in every settlement. A special feast is organized in Ormylia.

Saturday of Lazaros
Many villages celebrate this day with the so-called “Lazarines”, it’s a special day before Easter comes.

Easter is a significant period celebrated in every settlement with special pomp and circumstance. Lots of folklore events take place during that period, such as the rotation of the Epitaph in the evening of Holy Friday, Christ’s resurrection at the midnight of Saturday, not to mention the fun people have on the Easter Sunday by cooking lambs on the spit, dancing traditional dances and attending to local concerts.

Tuesday after Easter Sunday
In Ierissos people dance the “Mavronios” dance, whereas in Arnea people enjoy a game with eggs.

23rd of April (Agios Georgios celebration)
In Arnea people celebrate in the central square of the village, whereas in Olynthos, Paliouri and Kalandra people take part in the traditional festival.

21st of May (Agios Konstantinos and Helen celebration)
It is a traditional festival, celebrating the common names of Helen and Konstantinos in Ouranoupoli and in Hanioti, too.

Pentecost - Agio Pneuma (Holy Spirit)
This day is celebrated with nice traditional festivals and events in Neos Marmaras, in Sykia and Kalandra.

24th of June (Agios Ioannis celebration)
The celebration of Solstice in Klidonas when at night people light fires in Polygyros and have fun with traditional dances and songs. In Potidaea, people also celebrate by a similar feast.

29th of June (Apostle Petros and Pavlos celebration - Saint Paul and Peter celebration)
Some of the most impressive folklore religious feasts in Ormylia and Nea Fokea.

20th of July (Prophet Helias celebration)
It is a traditional festival in Ierissos with free food and wine. In Vavdos people celebrate a feast called as “ta kazania tou Ai-Ilia” (the caldrons of Prophet Elias) with free food and wine. Traditional festival is also held in Polygyros and Petralona too.

26-27th of July (Agia Paraskevi- Panteleimonas celebration)
Ιt is a religious feast and folklore festival in Arnea with several events such as textile exhibition and other forms of folklore art. Some traditional festivals are also held in Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra, Agios Nikolaos, Galatista, Neos Marmaras, Nikiti, Nea Triglia, Kallithea and Kryopigi.

6th of August
A traditional festival in Metamorfosi, in the church of Agios Pavlos.

15th of August
The great feast of Virgin Mary is celebrated with pomp and circumstance in every place of Halkidiki (bear in mind that in Mount Athos people celebrate that day according to the old calendar). Traditional festivals in Megali Panagia, Polygyros, Sarti, Portaria, Athytos, Kaladra, Nea Triglia, Lakoma, Krini, Kryopigi, Paliouri.

23rd of August
Traditional festivals in Potidea, Kalandra, Nea Roda and Nea Skioni.

29th of August (Agios Prodromos celebration)
The great festival in Neos Marmaras and Agia Paraskevi.

8th of September (Panagia celebration - Virgin’s Feast Day)
Many traditional feasts taking place in Moudania (Panagia Koryfini), in Ierissos, in Pyrgadikia, in Kassandria and Polychrono.

25th of December
The Nativity is celebrated in every place with pomp and circumstance.

26th of December
In Ierissos, local people celebrate a kind of folklore festival when slaughtering pigs and then do dinner.

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