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Ammouliani island

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Distance from the airport → 109km


The only populated island of Central Macedonia Ammouliani island has tyrned into one of the top tourism destinations for independent travellers!


The island of Ammouliani looks like a paradise with low hills, few olive trees but many exotic beaches with crystal clear,...

Ouranoupolis village

Ouranoupoli, the Gate of Mount Athos, is a divine landscape, combining mountainous and sea beauties, promising unforgettable holidays.

Olympiada village

The scenic village of Olympiada on the road to the Athos peninsula is surrounded by lush, green mountains and an appealing coastline.

Stratoniki village

All those visitors who will explore Stratoniki, will have the chance to admire an astonishing and panoramic view of the gulf of Ierissos and the peninsula of Athos.

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