Portfolio Category: East Coast

Mount Athos

Mount Athos -commonly known as the Holy Mountain- is the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian and a UNESCO Heritage site

Olympiada village

The scenic village of Olympiada on the road to the Athos peninsula is surrounded by lush, green mountains and an appealing coastline.

Stagira village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 108km-From Polygyros → 52km The village of Stagira is built on the foot of mountain Stratoniko (Strebenikos) at an altitude of 500m., on the main road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupoli, and has approximately 500 residents. (more…)...

Stratoniki village

Location: From Thessaloniki → 111km - From Polygyros → 63km Stratoniki village is built on mountain Stratoniko, offering a view to Ierissos bay and Athos peninsula. (more…)...

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