Vavdos village

Vavdos village

Distance from the airport → 41klm



Vavdos is a village built amphitheatrically on the slope of Mount Vigla at an altitude of 938 meters from the sea level.

In Vavdos, one can meet traditional small houses, built amphitheatrically on the mountain slope, with the highest peak “Prophet Elias”, at an altitude of 1,050m, where is also the homonymous chapel with a unique view of the plain “And the coast of Chalkidiki. In the building of the kindergarten operates a folklore museum with exhibits from the everyday life of the inhabitants of the village of the previous century.

The name of the village is probably due to a Roman chancellor who settled in the area around the middle of the 3rd century AD. The oldest sources that confirm the existence of the village and its settlement date back to the 14th century. In the church temple, in the Temple of Vima, there is a marble pulpit with embossed representations. It seems to be a work of the 5th century AD. which was probably in an early Christian church. In 1821, the village was destroyed and burned by the Turks.

Worth to see:

  • In the central square of the village there is a huge plane tree, which is one of the largest in the prefecture, and in 1976 it was declared a preserved natural monument.
  • The annual mountain runnung race - Vavdos Trail Run

Do not miss it!

Join the traditional fair of St. Ilias (19-20 July) takes place on an altitude of 1050m. After the church Mass is over the committee of “oikonomades” cooks in big caldrons goat with barley-shaped pasta, which is offered to the visitors along with some white wine. There is a folklore fair during the whole day with traditional music.


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