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Byzantine Museum of Halkidiki – Monastic complex of Nea Flogita

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Until 1924, it was a monastery dependency of the Russian monastery, later an annexe of the American Red Cross, while during the Nazi Occupation (1944) it was bombed by the Bulgarian conquerors. In 1999 the City Council of Moudania decided to grant the area to the 10th Ephorate for Byzantine Antiquities,...

Nea Heraklia village

The village of Nea Heraklia attracts every summer thousands of visitors due to its marvellous beaches with crystal clear waters and the trendy beach bars.

Nea Kallikratia village

Nea Kallikratia is a small village located just before the peninsula of Kassandra, has a wide organized beach with shallow waters and golden sand.

Nea Moudania village

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Distance from the airport → 51,2km


Nea Moudania is the commercial, economic, cultural, educational, and not only centre of Halkidiki and the largest city of the prefecture with about 10,000 residents.


Nea Moudania was created in 1922 by refugees from Moudanya in Marmara (“Kianou” bay as they used to call...

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