Diaporos island

Diaporos island

Diaporos island is right across Vourvourou village in the Sithonia peninsula. The bay is deep enough for large yachts and the natural beauty of the location is astonishing.

With a few adorable houses here and there, it's a place worth exploring and is ideal for a picnic. There are many reefs where one can snorkel in the crystal clear water. Diaporos belongs to a complex of islets together with Kalogria, Ambelitsi, Kalamonisia (3), Prassonisi, Peristera, Agios Isodoros.

One can reach them by renting a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore the several secluded coves surrounded by pine trees and sandy beaches.

Diaporo island is about one and a half square miles and it's the largest one of the complex. It's a picturesque islet with natural beauty, trees reaching the sea, pristine blue waters and a fascinating underwater world.

Due of its location, Diaporos has always calm and warm waters all year round. making it, a paradise for those who swim in the winter.

Worth it to see:

  • The Caribbean-style beach of Myrsini, a well-hidden gem of Halkidiki located on the east side, also called White Beach or Hawaii because of its white sand and saturated blue water.
  • The locals call it "Blue Lagoon" and it is like a huge swimming pool with turquoise, sparkling, shallow water located between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros

Don’t miss it!

Snorkeling around Diaporos is a must-do due to its rich marine world!


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