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Rent a boat in Vourvourou

If you want to taste the thrilling experience of spending a day at one of the islets in the bay of Vourvourou with turquoise beaches and secluded coves then, the cluster of these 9 uninhabited islands are for you!

Old town of Nikiti

The old town of Nikiti is a charming traditional settlement that retains an air of romantic nostalgia by being quaint featuring stone houses with balconies and courtyards.

Metagitsi village

Built at an altitude of 150m, Metagitsi offers spectacular views of Mount Athos. It's a quiet traditional village with stone-houses and it's famous for its local taverns

Sofronios basilica

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The Basilica of Sophronios is the oldest early Christian church that was found in the region of Macedonia with specially styled marble statues (opussectile) and mosaics.

The church dates back to the first half of the 5th century AD and is a three-aisled basilica with a wooden roof with a...

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