Olynthus village

Olynthus village

Distance from the airport → 59,4km


Olynthus village lies next to the site of ancient Olynthus and it is the modern part of the Byzantine village of Myriofyto.

History says that its present name either refers to its founder, Olynthus, the brother of Thracian King Rissos or to the hero Olynthus, the son of the river, the God Strymon.

Worth it to see:

  • The ruins of the Byzantine church of St Nicholas.
  • The fortified tower called the Tower of Mariana is located north of Olynthos and was built in 14th century by the “Dochiariou” Monastery on Mt. Athos.
  • The ancient city of Mikyverna, the port of Olynthos, which must have been destroyed when Olynthos was devastated by Phillip II in 348 BC.

Don’t miss it!

Visit the Ancient Olynthos, the most important city of Halkidiki for more than a hundred years;
its historic interest is truly essential.


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