Mylopotamos winery at Mount Athos

Mylopotamos winery at Mount Athos

For more than a thousand years, since the time of Saint Athanasiou, the grapes of the Mylopotamos vineyards have produced multiply-blessed communion wine, as much blessed in its use in Holy Communion as in its ability to warm the soul.

In this miraculous and saintly place, many varieties thrive, albeit due to the hard labour of human hands. With such happy results, each fatigue is soon forgotten.

Saint Athanasios was sensitive to the special character of Mylopotamos and, apart from seeing to the vineyard’s construction, ensured that the monastery also became a place of comfort and restoration for the monks who sometimes suffered from their labours.

It's worth mentioning that Mylopotamos wines are a product of biological agriculture, certified by the branch of the ministry of agriculture in Halkidiki, as well as by the company certification of biological products D.H.O.

Men can navigate in the vineyards, and look around the traditionally built yet modern winery and distillery.

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