There is plenty to do in Halkidiki! The combination of the blue sea and the beautiful mountains offer a great variety of sport and outdoor opportunities! When thinking of outdoor activities in Halkidiki, most of the time you’ll find yourself thinking about the beautiful beaches with warm, golden-sand, and crystal blue waters. Still, the region stands for much more than its beaches. Halkidiki is also home to some earthly paradises for those who love mountains.

Paths for mountain biking and hiking walks around the peninsulas on woodland tracks and along coastal pathways, off-road adventures to remote areas. The enchanting forests of Mt. Holomontas in the centre of Halkidiki constitute the perfect escape destination for travellers who want to explore nature. But also, the mountainous part of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos Area, rich in flora and fauna, offer wonderful panoramic views to the coast, historic monuments, traditional villages, little chapels and even a couple of waterfalls on the east coast.

Besides walking and cycling, the region offers an unlimited choice of watersports like windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, canoe kayak etc. Of course, a boat cruise around Mount Athos (UNESCO), renting a boat and visiting Diaporos or Drena islets and sailing along the coastline are among the most popular activities.
Or you may try some refreshing experiences like visits and tastings at wineries or visiting agricultural farms where you can take lessons of cookery and pastry and prepare old-school recipes of jam, try some cultural activities in the various museums (folklore, historical, nautical, etc.) of the villages, or just relaxing in our wellness centres.


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    Jeep Safari in Kassandra

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