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Vergia beach

The beach of Vergia with its crystal waters and an organized beach, where the visitor can find deck sunbeds, umbrellas, bars and many water sport activities.

Zografou Tower

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The Zografou tower, in the homonymous settlement near Nea Moudania, was part of the metropolitan complex Bulgarian monastery of Zografou at Mount Athos. The metochi’s first name was ‘Epano Volvos’ like the area’s name of the settlement. Later on, the metochi was renamed into ‘Zografou’ due to its related monastery. The...

Lakkoma village

Perched at the foot of the mountain of Halkidiki, the semi-mountainous village of Lakkoma is known for its traditional off-white building stone.

Paleokastrο village

Paleokastro village is laying on the mount of Holomontas, is 6 miles away from Polygyros. Its population consists of 350 residents.

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