Portfolio Category: Sithonia

Parthenonas village

Pathenonas is a historical village with beautifully preserved houses of Macedonian architecture that distinguished for its authentic and traditional character.

Toroni village

Toroni is a quiet little village with a 2,5km sandy beach and transparent blue-green water ideal for chilling out and with 3.000 years of history is probably the oldest one!

Stagira village

Stagira village is most known for the thematic park of Aristotle, an interactive park providing visitors with an opportunity to get in touch with the physical phenomena.

Olynthus village

Nea Olynthos lies next to the site of ancient Olynthos and it is the modern part of the Byzantine village of Myriofyto. History says that its present name either refers to its founder, Olynthos, the brother of Thracian King Rissos or to the hero Olynthos, the son of the river, the God Strymon.

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