Women’s Agricultural Associations

Women’s Agricultural Associations

A female touch to traditional Halkidiki products.


Women’s cooperatives around Halkidiki significantly contribute to both locals’ and foreigners’ discovery of tasty regional foods.


The women of the villages became organised to promote their handmade products, preserving their tradition and transmitting their culture. They carry on traditions that go back many generations, cultivating or gathering local natural ingredients to use in classic and new recipes. When visiting such an association, the visitors have the chance to taste homemade pasta and pastries, marmalades and liqueurs made from local fruits. Women’s Agricultural Associations in Halkidiki can be found in several villages of the region, especially the mountainous ones.


Here is a list of associations in Halkidiki: "Goniatisses" in Nea Gonia, “Dryades” in Varvara village,  “Ef Gevesthe” in Taxiarchis village “Theofylaktos Klironomia” in Paleochori village, “Ta Gennimata” in Vrastama village.

Don’t miss it!

Try at least one of our well-known marmalades and of the special deserts -like sweet spoon- made by the exceptionally skilled women of Halkidiki!

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