Vrastama village

Vrastama village

Distance from the aiport → 65km


Vrastama is a scenic mountain village of Mt. Holomontas, in the eastern side of Polygyros
which is one of the oldest in Halkidiki.


A unique destination for all seasons, both for peace and relaxation and the culinary experience. Walking through the village’s narrow streets you can see enough old stone houses of mainly Macedonian Architecture, enough from them already rebuilt, some chapels, absolutely the splendid church of Evangelismos, the old distillery (rakokazano) of Pavlos Pantalis, the candle making etc. Outside the village, are many chapels which for two days per year, celebrate with a big festivity, organized by the “konomades”. On the village’s perimeter, exists enough trails for walking or mountain bike or 4*4 vehicle.

It is also known for the settlements, called Kelli and Plana. The village got its name in the honor of a monk who was known as Vrastamos. If you would like to stay over the village there is a traditional small guesthouse which offers nice accommodation.

Worth it to see:

  • Central church of Vrastama, built upon a hill site of an ancient temple, restored in 1814.
  • The Cave of “Osios” (Saint) Efthymios at the site Mikrokampo in Vrastama.

Don’t miss it!

The feast, on August 15th, the day of Virgin Mary’s Assumption which lasts three days in a row. Vrastama is also famous for its tsipouro, which is produced using berries from Mt. Hortiatis, need to taste it!


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